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Kit Heath | Coast Tumble Sand Sandblast Chain Drop Earrings

  • £90.00

Sand-blown like our very own North Devon pebble ridge, these coastal-inspired silver chain drop earrings feature contrasting polished and smooth satin-textured pebbles, forming a small fixed cluster at the end of the chain. Made in our luxurious rhodium-plated sterling silver, these beautifully tactile drops feature our classically designed hook-wire fittings with a tapering design for a bold yet comfortable fit.

Celebrating the natural textures found on our shores, the Coast-inspired Tumble Sand collection of jewellery features clusters of roundel beads in a mix of highly polished and sand-blast finished rhodium-plated sterling silver.

Weight 4.90g
Width 0.73cm
Height 4.23cm
Metal Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver