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Daisy London Gold Crown Chakra Chain Bracelet

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The Crown Chakra is emotionally connected with aspirations, spirituality and integration of ones’ conscious and subconscious. The Crown Chakra Chain Bracelet in 18 carat gold plated sterling silver with a semi-precious light topaz gemstone is designed to serenely balance your Crown Chakra.

Daisy London is the designer of the original Chakra bracelet, our iconic Chakra collection has become a trend in itself, paving the way for wellness focused jewellery.

Choose the Chakra symbol that best represents your inner self and wear jewellery with meaning as a reminder of what you're striving for.

Perfect as a gift.

Who would this Chakra symbol be a good present for? Your beautiful friend, who loves you like a guardian angel. For anyone who is feeling low and needs inspiration. For yourself, because who knows where your spiritual journey will take you?

Chain length: 160mm (extendable by 26mm)

Chakra symbol: Crown

Dimensions: Chakra Symbol measures 18mm