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Daisy London Brow Chakra Choker Silver

  • £65.00

The Brow Chakra is emotionally connected with insight, self-realization and releasing negative thoughts.

The Brow Chakra Choker necklace is created in sterling silver and has an adjustable chain to fit you perfectly.

Wear it on its own or layer it with our longer necklaces to create the latest jewellery trend. Perfect as a gift with meaning to that special someone.

Who would this Chakra symbol be a good present for? Your best friend for her wisdom. Your overworked friend, who needs perspective and clarity. For yourself, as a reminder to trust your own intuition.


Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Chain length: Adjustable to 12"/13"/14"/15"

Chakra symbol: Brow

Dimensions: Charka symbol measures 16 mm